The Design Process

Let’s Design and Create a Beautiful Backyard Retreat for You.

LISTEN. Your design starts with us listening. You have a vision and we need to know it!  If you don’t quite know what you want, we can help by listening to what you hope to achieve. We’ll discuss how we can get you there in the budget you’ve set aside. Then, with our knowledge for what the area can become, together with our experience for design, we work in partnership with you to shape a vibrant landscape or hardscape uniquely crafted to fit your lifestyle, your property, your dreams and your budget!

PLAN. Once we’ve determined the lifestyle objective’s for your landscape  — will you be interacting within it as you would a patio, or is it essentially visual, such as a garden bed or pond? — we bring our experienced design and construction teams together on site in a collaborative effort to reveal to you our plans for your landscape, working within the site’s unique buildable opportunities and constraints.   

BUILD. Our years of landscape experience has given us a very relevant understanding of the growing conditions unique to northern New Jersey.  We know what works, and we know what doesn’t. We understand the nuances to assure the conditions to for your project to flourish are set in place for years of use and enjoyment. We use only the finest robust materials — whether flower or stone — while accommodating for foot traffic, lighting variables, drainage requirements and other visual and tactile aspects of your project.

plan-marty picPlan-Kringstein-sketch_905Plan-Society-Hill-north-facing-garden4