O’Boyle Hardscaping Design + Installations

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O’Boyle Hardscaping Teams have been Creating Backyard Retreats for over Three Decades

At O’Boyle, we love installing and landscaping lawns, installing greenery and flowers, maintaining and nourishing lawns for our residential and commercial customers. We also love beautifying properties and environments by building patios, decks, garden beds, retaining walls, and outdoor kitchens and firepits too. We’ve been hardscaping properties in Essex County for well over three decades, and our skill level and competitive pricing is worth considering for your next project. Our professional hardscaping design staff will work with you to create a design that is unique to your property and in line with your aesthetic….and budget! Designs installations can include natural stone, pavers, bluestone, railroad ties, modular block, wood, gravel, just about anything to formulate the environment you seek outdoors. “Envision your own Eden” we like to say. Here are a few other outdoor hardscaping elements that can embody and beautify your landscape:

• Functional, yet decorative sitting and retaining walls
• Stoops and front porches and handrailings
• Paver walkways and driveways, with wide selections of textures and colors
• Fireplaces, fire pits and pizza ovens for outdoor living
• Pergolas and arbors
• Wood, aluminum, vinyl and chain link fencing

At O’Boyle Landscaping, we have expert, wide-ranging experience designing landscapes and hardscapes into backyards of all sizes. Additionally, when required as part of any project, we work with licensed plumbers and electricians, and of course abide by all town permitting processes to provide clear, safe, and time-efficient planning to meet our deadline. It is our goal to create for you a safe and pleasing aesthetic environment to make the most satisfying backyard retreat for you and your family all year long. Contact us to schedule a no obligation conversation on how we can be of service to you, like we are to hundreds of customers throughout Essex County.