O’Boyle Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance

Serving Essex County Communities with Quality Landscaping Services for Over 35 Years

Your home is your greatest investment. Adding value to it by landscaping and beautifying its surroundings can bring pleasure to you everyday. As landscaping specialists for nearly forty years, we can bring so much to the beautification of your property outdoors. From spring and fall clean-up, to cutting and pruning, weeding and feeding — that’s just the tip of the list of how we can serve you. We also install lawns, and replenish and feed new ones. At O’Boyle Landscaping we pride ourselves on building you distinctive gardens and flower beds to embrace your surroundings. These can be sitting gardens for serenity or meditation. Or powerful colorful iris or hydrangea gardens. We can elevate beds or make them contiguous with your lawn. We can creatively integrate an arangement of annuals and perennials with hardscaping plans that can include decks, patios, hot tubs, pathways, pools and outdoor kitchens to create backyard vacations! As a landscape customer, you can take comfort knowing the attention to detail we apply to our relationship with your yard is one we take seriously and with great pride. Our landscaping customers often tell us there’s nothing like coming home to a lawn that’s been cut, blown clear of debris bordered by gardens bursting with flowering beds timed to flare perfectly during the spring, sumer and fall months. Let us help you create a similar environment. Our programs can be timed and tailored to your budget, and we are respectfully meticulous to all aspects of care to your property once our staff arrives there. Additionally, as a customer of our landscaping services, you are entitled to a 15% discount at our Brookside Garden and Florist Center for a wide variety of supplies for indoor/outdoor and do-it-yourself flower projects, such as that for window boxes or hanging plantings, too. We encourage you to contact us any time of any season!